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Fifty Things (2009 Edition)

Yuh-huh. It's the end of another year, time for another fifty things blog. Enjoy!

1 Graduated highschool
2 Turned eighteen
3 Brought my solitaire record down to thirty-four seconds
4 Kept a list of every book I've read this year
5 Developed an addiction for photobooths (next time we're at Flinders St Station together, watch out. We're going to the photobooth.)
6 Wrote 50,271 words during NaNoWriMo (over one and a bit stories) (over the course of twelve days)
7 Planned meticulously for months a plot for NaNoWriMo, only to desert it in favour of a metafictional absurdity.
8 Bought a ukulele
9 Went out on The Edge at Eureka Tower, crossing it off of my To-Do List
10 Did the newspaper quizes pretty much every single school day, during my free periods.
11 Had a French girl (Eve) live with me for a month
12 Spent the first week and a bit of the year at a church camp.
13 Apart from said church camp, not gone to a single church service for the entire year.
14 Wrote a haiku every day in June
15 Forced the man at the bottle shop to check my ID on my eighteenth birthday
16 Began following fashion blogs such as Elegant Musings and Lady Melbourne
17 Went on holiday with my sister to Queensland, and had a day 3/4TCTBA
18 Made my debut, partnered by the lovely Lewis
19 Continued working at the Bakehouse
20 Went out for COFFEE?! with Troy... a lot.
21 Had three of my best friends in the world stay at my house for varying lengths of time over a week, making the first ever Holiday that was COMPLETELY TCTBA
22 Met one of my favourite authors, John Green
23 Fell in love with Almdudler
24 Began to learn to play the bagpipes
25 Dressed up as a nerd, a goth, a race-goer and a year seven during my last week of highschool
26 Talked about skipping History more than I ever did skip the class (talked about skipping pretty much each class... skipped none...)
27 Played a game of Ibble Dibble
28 Spent a lot of time at Saff's.
29 Went to many an eighteenth birthday
30 Developed a deep love of pearls
31 Hunted for Horcri in the city
32 Met several Youtubers
33 Posed for a lot of photos
34 Sang on-stage at the launch of Monique Kerr's debut album
35 Drank a lot of lemon, lime and bitters
36 Developed a penchant for curling my hair
37 Watched A Very Potter Musical with seven other people, all of us sitting on my bed
38 Exchanged awkward emails with one of my best friends
39 Went to see a local production of My Fair Lady with the stunning Samantha
40 Drew Gary and Petunia on Chloe's shoes on a regular basis
41 Developed a love for potato pies from the school canteen
42 Discovered  The Noobs in the Glassbox, a band too cool to be awesome
43 Started carrying eye drops in my wallet
44 Applied to universities
45 Played Spoons
46 Sewed a lot
47 Kept a secret present for Ben and Chris
48 Saw the 6am showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, release day, in radish earrings, cork necklace and grey jumper. Then proceeded to school in this same fashion.
49 Hated Michael McGirr.
50 Been excited for 2010